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Small businesses in the retail sector have been swept away by the giant wave of unstoppable expansion of modern trade behemoths. As neighborhood stores increasingly disappeared, the Ministry of Commerce would like to provide an assistance for them to stay afloat. The list of adjustments is long, as small retailers need to upgrade their operation, business strategy and physical appearance of their stores. The work could be overwhelming for them.


Jenosize offered advice for small retail businesses on all key aspects, ranging from physical upgrade, marketing skills to inventory management and pricing strategy. We recommend the government tap into networks of suppliers who can offer deep discounts for these mom-and-pop shops, so that they could price their products at competitive levels compared to modern trade giants. In the longer run, Janosize produced guides on business strategy and helped establish a "business mentorship program" in which experienced government officials continue to engage with the small operators after the initial launch of the program. It is expected to attract over 700 owners of mom-and-pop shops in 2023, up from 246 last year.


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Jenosize was tasked to deliver what most people had thought impossible. We have saved small retailers from being swept away by modern trade giants.

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